Free Music

I've started assembling a collection of free mp3 files.  For the most part, what you'll find here should be unique to this site.  I'm starting by releasing all of the Haggis material in mp3 format for your downloading pleasure, and then I may (when I get off my lazy ass) also put up some of the demo material that I collected from bands during the past 20 years.

Get the music:

SL9: The unreleased final album by Haggis, recorded in 96/97.

The Traitors: A live cassette from 1992.

Can You Stomach Us?: Our first release from 1991. An 8 song cassette which includes a cover of "Dancing Queen".

All the Rest: The rest of the previously-released Haggis material, including our 7"s and compilation tracks. 19 songs in all.

NEW! - Freak In A Jar - Free Candy Jar CD: Freak In A Jar were a mid-90's Boise band that were friends of mine. They've allowed me to put up their recorded works for your listening pleasure.